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Home > History & Science > Most unrealistic movie prediction of the future?

There have been countless science fiction movies over the years, most of which are set in the future. But which one do you think had the most wacky ideas, or in another words predicted the status quo of the future the most inaccurately? I have started off this poll with a few ideas that I have had. Please feel free to add some of your own!


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I think Thunderbirds is the most realistic film here.

By martin (15146) - Prophet | 09.03.10

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1) Planet of the Apes

The basic idea of this movie is great, I mean after all, humans can make some pretty stupid mistakes. When put in the context of the cold war, and the ever escalating situation between the U.S. and Soviet Union, this movie makes perfect sense. But when you look at the fine details, for instance the English speaking monkeys, things start to go a bit bizarre. Colenel Taylor (played by Charlton Heston) unknowingly lands on Earth in the year 3978. In the space of 2006 years, humanity has destroyed itself, and monkeys have made an impossible jump in the evolutionary scale to scientists, lawyers and philosophers. Not to mention the slighty odd fact that it wasn’t just one species that made this evolutionary leap, but three, orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees. Crazy!

planet of apes

2) Magic Highway USA

Is it me or are a lot of things that are mentioned in this short film a good idea? When you look at the optimism and innovation that has been demonstrated here it just makes you wonder where it has all gone, and indeed why some of these features have still not been implemented by now, fifty years is a long time! "Multi-coloured highways" - Genius! I like these old 1950s Disney movies, sure in hindsight they are a little naive, but it’s the ideas and enthusiasm that captures your imagination which makes them great to watch.

magic-highway usa

3) Back to the Future Part II

I love this movie, and indeed the whole trilogy, but while some of the inventions portrayed in this concept of the future are really cool, they will also be impossible to make by 2015 when it is set. Hoverboards, food hydrators, thumb print currency, self drying jackets, and flying cars are just a little way off yet. We need to conquer practical electric cars first! In addition to this, there is also a scene where Marty is holding up a newspaper, which refers to Washington preparing for “Queen Diana‘s” visit, but sadly this will also not happen as she is dead.

back future 2 square

4) Waterworld

Waterworld is a classic 90s movie which played on the growing controversy at the time surrounding the theory of “global warming”. The basic idea was that if all the ice in the world melted due to human activities, the increase in water would flood like 99% of all the landmass globally, leaving just a few thousand people to survive on “atolls”, which are like scraps of metal floating around on the ocean. Now to my understanding, if all the ice in the world did melt, global sea levels would not increase much more than 100 metres. I know that is a lot, but considering a lot of the earth’s landmass is a lot higher than this, there is no way this could ever happen!

kevin waterworld

5) I am Legend

The whole idea of humans turning into zombies as a result of a virus is getting a bit old now, as there have been numerous movies and video games based around this concept. But the book which this movie is based on is much older, and was released way back in 1954 by author Richard Matheson. As of yet, Robert Neville hasn’t had to hide in his house to try and save humanity so we don’t have to be afraid of the dark just yet. Once again, this is a great concept for a movie, but is it likely to happen? No

i am legend

6) Children of Men

Humanity becoming infertile is a great concept for a book, and a good movie, which both turned out to be. But its unlikely going to happen to by 2027 to be honest, and if it does happen, it will not only be humans that become infertile, I should imagine the same cause of infertility, whether it be pollution or genetic medication will most likely affect other mammals too, when you consider the bio-logical similarities. Therefore humanity will probably die off a lot quicker than portrayed in the book.

children of men

7) Thunderbirds

When you see these sort of movies with just a handful of guys running a huge secret operation involving rockets, island bases, submarines, space ships etc, it just makes you think…. How the hell did they get all this stuff built? It reminds me of that James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice” where that huge base is built inside a volcano. How on earth can you get all that built without someone noticing!? We are side tracking here, but its just something I had to get off my chest. Anyway, I can’t see a family run International Rescue team within the next eleven years that seem to use some of the most sophisticated hardware I have ever seen!


8) Mad Max

Yeah so this never happened, *phew*. I’m not going to complain about that. This post-apocalyptic Australian movie was released in 1979, and is set a few years after that. So in theory we should have been at each others throats sometime in the early 1980s. Its one of many movies that have been released over the last few decades that looks at possible scenarios in the future where humankind has made some serious mistakes, and the prevailing world that exists afterward is full of sin and corruption.

mad max

9) Reign of Fire

There is absolutely no foundation to a future scenario of a dragon awakening from a thousand year hibernation in London and suddenly breeding to 1 million specimens within a year, whilst simultaneously destroying humanity. I don‘t think a couple of rabbits could breed that quickly! Its not really even a good movie, and did not do very well at the box office either, maybe there is only so far people are prepared to go with the indulging of unrealistic storylines.......

reign of fire

10) Doom

For a person who grew up with the original Doom game back in the early 1990s, I felt terribly unhappy with the interpretation this film had of the Doom franchise, it just didn't give it any justice, or make you feel like the video game the first time you played it. More to the point, I think this is a pretty unrealistic reality, humans won't be settling in Mars for many many years, let alone battling monsters on it!

doom movie
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