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What Poll?

About WhatPoll?

WhatPoll is the home of free-thinkers. The weird, wonderful, and interesting polls created by the WhatPoll community exist as a platform to promote intense debate, niche social networking, and encourage the best content to get to the top, and therefore at your finger tips that much easier. You can share your thoughts, meet other free-thinkers, or just have a bit of fun when you have a few moments to spare.

If you sign up for an account with WhatPoll, you will see a number next to your username which acts like a score, and is known within the community as WhatPoll Kudos. You will also have a WhatPoll Level, which will increase in status according to the amount of Kudos you have received. The WhatPoll Kudos is calculated from the total number of thumbs up you have received on polls, posts and comments, minus the total thumbs down received.

If you have any thoughts, pointers or suggestions we would love to hear them. Just drop an email to support@whatpoll.com

Above all, keep on free-thinking!

Yours faithfully,
The WhatPoll Team

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