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A lot of folks who are drivers would have experienced the many problems of owning a car, such as where to park during rush hour, and then ending up with a parking ticket. On the odd occasion bizarre circumstances lead to cars ending up in weird and unpredictable situations. Check out some of these instances where you really wouldn’t have wanted to leave your car. Add some more if you know of any, and rate up the worst!


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1) Parking in swimming pool

There are upsides to leaving your car at the bottom of your pool.... no birds can poo on it! Probably more logical to just get a garage though.

parking in swimming pool

2) Parking in front of fire hydrant

Fair play to the Fire Service on this one, if your'e gonna park in front of a fire hydrant you have to suffer the consequences!

parking fire hyrdant

3) Whale explosion

This is an unfortunate incident. Its not everyday a whale explodes its guts all over the road and your scooter happens to be in the way. He's gonna need a fair amount of febreeze to get rid of that smell.

whale explodes

4) Parking in trolley bay

I think this one is cheeky but awesome. If there are no trolleys in the trolley bay and all the car spaces are taken... why the hell not?

parking in trolley bay

5) Baptist church van outside adult store

Now this is only me guessing.... but if you happen to drive a church van, and are a member of the church, its probably not setting a great example to leave the church van outside a porno store if your feeling a bit frisky. Take the Focus instead.

worst place to park car

6) Parking in a quarry

I know its cheaper, but don't leave your car in a quarry, they just get in the way of all the mining.

parking quarry

7) "Parking for American Legion patrons only"

Isn't privileged parking supposed to be a benefit? Either something has gone wrong here or someone has a real bad understanding of "We wash your car while you shop."

parking for american legion only

8) Ferrari on a shack roof

Yeah just leave it there buddy, the roof looks really stable.

parking on a shack

9) Parking in between police cars in no parking zone

Again.... this one is a no brainier, if you have to park you car in a no parking zone, leaving it in between two police vehicles probably isn't a great idea.

parking inbetween police

10) Chilly Mercedes

"Now where did I leave my bottle of de-icer?"

mercedes river snow
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