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Just who is The Stig? There has been much speculation to as who, is it one or possibly numerous drivers? Althought there has been no official statment from the BBC the Daily Mail has speculated there could be no less than eight different stigs. We all know the black stig was Perry McCarthy so who do you think the white stig is...


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1) Michael Schumacher

The 7 time F1 world champhion and statisticly the greatest driver the world has ever seen. Starting his career in F1 in 1991 and retiring in 2006, perhaps to make time for Top Gear testing as The Stig.

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2) Ben Collins

Collins is a former racing driver starting his career in the sport in 1994. He is currently a named driver an Australion V8 Supercars team. He first appeared on Top Gear in 2004 as a stunt driver were he drove an open top Mercedes whilst a parachuter, Tim Carter landed in the moving car. Ever since this appearance there has been much speculatation that infact Collins is The Stig!


3) Damon Hill

Another F1 world champion is speculated to be the stig. Stunt driver Russ Swift said "A lot of people think The Stig is Damon Hill.” Hill was also asked himself by a fan which he replied "I am not the Stig. But then, only the true Messiah denies his divinity." William Hill were once offering the odds of 2/1 for Hill being The Stig.

damon hill stig

4) Jesus

Its so obvious i mean its unexpected a massive supprise to everyone

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5) Captian Slow

Top Gear presenter James May can be seen wearing the "I am the stig" jumper.


6) Lewis Hamilton

Comedian Omid Djalili the guest in Top Gears star in a reasonably priced car speculated that The Stig is infact Lewis Hamilton after speaking with The Stig on practise tuition laps.

lewis hamilton stig

7) Mark Webber

When F1 driver Mark Webber appeared on the show he was presented with the "I AM THE STIG" t-shirt by Jeremy Clarkson, is there any truth in this?

mark webber stig

8) Tiff Needell

Just like the old black Stig Needell is similiary an ex racing driver. He also used to be a former member of the Top Gear team as a presenter in the 80's and 90's. He clearly still has a connection to the current presenters Clarkson and Hammond as he appears with them on stage at MPH shows. Going against this theory The Stig has also appeared on stage at these shows at the same time as Needell- subsequently supporting the theory of multiple Stigs.


9) Simon Cowell

C'mon.... we all saw him break the record and get the fastest time around the track for a Top Gear guest! Surely he must come down to the studio to race around the track in his white helmet and suit in between X-Factor and Britain's got talent?

simon cowell top gear

10) Heikki Kovalainen

Perhaps another stand in for The Stig- Kovalained was alleged to be the stig back in 2004 as he raced around the Top Gear track in a Renault Formula One car.

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