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Home > Health & Lifestyle > What is the best natural hangover cure?


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1) Not Drinnking in the first place! lol

If you managed to avoid the strong drinks and were a designated driver you would have seen the horror of your highly intoxicated friends with their beer goggles on, making some awful mistakes!!! Plus you would not be seeing that late night takaway in the morning first thing when you go to the toilet!


2) Ok you did it, and probably some one too! SO now how to remedy that headache

1.Lots of fluids, water as this will flush the remaining alcohol out. 2.Healthy food, and lots of vitamin B1 and C (orange juice & vegemite or Marmite on toast! 3. No smoking as you probably did 3 packs last night and cigarettes are stimulants so they will get that nasty alcohol pumping through your brain and that will not please that sore head of yours!

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