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Which out of these limousines do you think is the most unusual? Every year it just seems they are getting crazier and crazier in design.


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1) VW Microbus

A hippyfied limo.

vw microbus

2) New York Taxi Limo

For those with a big family and extra luggage......

new york taxi limo

3) Tank Limo

Customers feel extra safe when leaving night clubs.....

tank limo

4) Corvette Limo

American Muscle power.

corvette limo

5) F1 Limo

For those that aren't worried about their hair style....


6) Ferarri Limo

For those in a rush.......

ferrari limo

7) Skoda Limo

Ultimate Luxury.

skoda limo

8) Police Llimo

This is reserved for higher paying criminals.

police limo

9) World’s longest limo

May take you a while to find your seat.....

longest limo in world

10) Horse Limo

Great fuel economy.

horse limo
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