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A list of animals that have already been driven to extinction. Some by man and some by natural causes.


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1) Mammoth

Mammoths are hairy elephant-like animals, with a sloping back, huge curved tusks up to 3.5 m. long, tiny tail, a large shoulder hump, unique teeth and small ears. They were adapted to cold weather, and lived during the ice age. Woolly Mammoths lived from about 2 million years to 10,000 years ago, that was 65 million years after the dinosaurs went extinct.They lived throughout the world.


2) Tasmanian Tiger

The last Tasmanian Tiger died in an Australian zoo in 1936 having been hunted to extinction.


3) Pyrenean Ibex or Bucardo

Shortly before the Pyrenean Ibex or Bucardo was officially declared extinct in 2000, scientests preserved skin samples of the goat using liquid nitrogen. From that DNA, they were then able to replace missing genetic material with that of domestic goats and actually clone a female Ibex. The newborn ibex kid died shortly after birth due to physical defects in its lungs


4) Quagga

Its unique hide made the Quagga a target for hunters and poachers, and the last known wild Quagga was probably killed in the late 1870’s. The species went extinct on August 12th, 1883, when the last specimen died at a zoo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


5) Dodo: Extinct Since Late 17th Century

A flightless bird from islands in the Indian Ocean with a black fluffy down and feathers, greenish yellow bill and black feet and related to pigeons and doves.

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6) Tyrannosaurus Rex: Extinct 65 Million Years

Tyrannosaurus Rex: measuring up to 43.3 feet long and 16.6 ft tall, the estimated mass that goes up to 7 tons. It was one of the largest land carnivores of all time.

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7) Great Auk: Extinct Since 1844

The Great Auk stand about 75 centimetres or 30-34 inches high and weighing around 5 kl. It was from the Atlantic. The only species in the genus Pinguinus, flightless giant auks , survive until recent times, but is extinct today. It was also known as garefowl, or penguin.

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8) Syrian Wild Ass

The Syrian Wild Ass was likely extinct when the last known captive animal died at the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria, in 1928. It once had a wide range throughout Mesopotamia, where reports were common of large herds which used to roam wildly in the mountains and desert steppes of the Middle East.


9) Sardinian Pika

The Sardinian Pika (Prolagus sardus) was a pika native to the Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Corsica until its extinction in the late 1700s or early 1800s. It was described by early Sardinian authors as "a giant rabbit with no tail", and it is believed that the Nuragici, the ancient peoples of Sardinia, viewed them as a delicacy.

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10) Bubal Hartebeest

Although it once roamed throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East, the deep-rooted mythology which surrounded the animal was not enough to save it from European hunters who began hunting them for recreation and meat. The last Bubal Hartebeest was probably a female which died in the Paris Zoo in 1923.


11) Labrador Duck

The Labrador Duck was a black and white duck that lived in North America. The Labradors extinction is blamed on hunting and primarily the decline in their food source - mollusks and muscles.It is believed to have gone extinct in 1878.

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