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Hey there you dieters and sports fans out there! In case you are trying to lose weight or get into shape, I thought you should know that having a few drinks at the weekend can seriously push up your recommended daily calorie intake. Here is a breakdown of average calories per drink, as published by Drink Aware......


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I fancy a drink now.

By martin (15146) - Prophet | 04.05.10

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1) Whiskey (25ml)

55 Calories

glass of whiskey

2) Pint of Lager

250 Calories

pint of stella lager

3) Pint of Ale

230 Calories

pint of hen

4) Gin & Tonic

126 Calories

gin and tonic

5) Bottle of wine

510 Calories

bttle of wine

6) Pint of Stout

210 Calories

pint of guiness

7) Bottle of Alcopop

210 Calories


8) Pint of Cider

230 Calories

magners cider

9) Brandy (50ml)

110 Calories

glass of brandy

10) Dark Rum & Coke

142 Calories

dark rum and coca cola
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