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Home > Food & Drink > How to get alcohol underage?

We have all been there, how do you get booze if you are not the legal age limit?


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1) Steal it

"Slip it under your jacket". Leave the money on the shelf for good measure. Or if you are out of cash at the moment, an IOU.

steal beer
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2) From drinks cupboard

If your Dad has a collection of whisky or vodka, grab an empty bottle of cola, and gently pour a little bit out of each bottle of liquor into it, just enough for him not to notice.

drinks cupboard
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3) Ask a homeless guy

These guys always want alcohol. Get them to go into the store for you and give them a few beers for their trouble.

homeless person
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4) Fake ID

McLovin showed us the way. What a DUDE. If you are fortunate enough to look similar to an older brother or sister who is the legal age, then this is perfect as the ID will be real. Just make sure you remember their birth date as many people get caught out on that question!

fake id mclovin
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5) Gatecrash a house party

Keep an eye out for upcoming house parties on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, turn up and help yourself to the fridge.

house party
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6) Use a parent's credit card

"Borrow" one of your parents' credit cards and order it from a supermarket website for delivery when they are next out. When they see the bill on their card just say you bought some stationary.

using credit card
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7) The Evian trick.

Take an empty bottle of Evian to the supermarket, get a trolley and then fill it up so its full of loads of stuff. Quickly walk passed the vodka whilst swiping a bottle off the shelf, then go to a quiet area of the shop and steadily poor the vodka into the Evian bottle. Do this in the actual trolley with the added concealment of all the stuff you gathered. Then ditch the trolley in a random aisle and pay for the Evian bottle on the way out.

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