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Just like the recent movie "Kick-Ass", there are a number of people in society that just aren't content about living in a world without any superheroes. So in response, they think up a name, get a costume and try to solve this problem once and for all. They get out there and fight for whatever it is they believe in. Here is a collection of real-life superheroes.


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1) Angle-Grinder Man

Angle-grinder Man - a self-proclaimed superhero - patrols by night looking for unhappy drivers who have been clamped and then sets their cars free. He promises to take on clamping firms, speed cameras and the congestion charge on behalf of drivers. An odd-job man by day, he claims to operate in Kent during the week and in London at weekends. The unknown man, who wears a costume of gold boots and crotch-hugging pants over a blue leotard, said he was happy to take the risks involved.

Angle-Grinder Man
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2) Dark Guardian

The Dark Guardian has been dubbed, what the media calls a Real Life Superhero. He is here to show the world there are people that care to make a difference, people that will stand against what is wrong in our society, stand up to the bad guys, help those in need, and change the world for the better. He uses the iconic essence of comic book superheroes to make a difference, inspire others, spread a positive message, and call attention to issues in my community. He works to help make a difference by doing civic activities, crime fighting, charity work, safety patrols, hospital visits, school talks, distributing wanted and missing person fliers, helping the homeless, community clean ups, and more.

Dark Guardian

3) Captain Ozone

A real-life superhero, this time-traveler from the year 2039 was sent to Earth on a mission to save us from our ill-fated future. Braving a range of semi-heroic deeds, Captain Ozone is hard at work saving endangered species, promoting renewable energy and ecological art, and teaching school children how to become environmental activists. Just what the environmental movement needed…a masked, spandex clad, g-string flashing masked man to chop through petrol signs with a hemp oil-powered chainsaw.

Captain Ozone
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4) Polarman

While a snow-shovelling hero from an isolated Canadian town of less than 7,000 might seem laughable, Polar Man has truly made a difference. Not only does he clear walkways for the elderly, he also tidies playgrounds in the summer and takes a keen interest in participating in community events. Polar Man models himself on an Inuit legend where an unknown white man riding a polar bear brings food and clothing to people in need. It's just too bad no one has figured out how to use polar bears as a means of transportation, because a snow shoveler on a polar bear would be truly awesome.


5) Black Monday Society

They hide their true identities behind elaborate masks and costumes, patrolling the streets of downtown Salt Lake City in groups of two and three. People react to them in various ways: Older folks tend to ignore them. Drunken young adults want to pose with them for photos. Teenagers tend to hiss, growl and shout in their general direction, while children walk right up to them and ask what they are doing. Despite the masks and secret identities, they’re completely open about their purpose. The Black Monday Society members Insignis, Ghost, and Oni help keep Salt Lake City, Utah safe. Crimson Fist may sound like a hardened crime-fighter, but he mainly helps feed the homeless.

the black monday society
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6) Zetaman

While Zetaman patrols the seediest parts of Portland ready for anything, he's never had to apprehend any criminals. More often than not, Zetaman spends his nights handing out gloves, sandwiches and other useful items to Portland's less fortunate residents. And while this altruistic action is par for Zetaman's course, he's clashed with some other Real Life Superheroes who believe vigilante justice is their true calling. Zetaman has now put together the Zeta-Corps, which is open to anyone who wants to help.


7) Superbarrio Gómez

Superbarrio Gómez is a Mexican high school dropout that wears red tights and a red and yellow wrestler's mask. Rather than fight crime and corruption with violence, he uses his image to organize labor rallies and protests, and file petitions. His real identity was unknown for a long time, but he has been revealed to be Marco Rascón Córdova. In 1996 Superbarrio declared himself a "candidate" for the 1996 United States Presidential Election and held "mock" campaign rallies in the United States and Mexico. Two books have been written about Superbarrio: Todos Somos Superbarrio (We are all Superbarrio) by Mauricio-José Schwarz and De Superman a Superbarrios (From Superman to Superbarrio) by Hans Röeder. Superbarrio Gómez has also appeared in numerous documentaries including "Megacities" by Michael Glawogger, where he talked about living in Mexico City. He even has his own show (see below).

Superbarrio Gómez
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8) Citizen Prime

His bat mobile is a Nissan X-Terra. His weapon of choice is a cell phone. He is Citizen Prime, an anti-crime activist on a mission reminiscent of The Guardian Angels, but with a comic book flair. His crime-fighting techniques leave a little to be desired, though: he takes photographs and calls the cops, but doesn’t seem to do the bare minimum we expect of superheroes… to kick the crap out of the bad guys. Call me crazy, but calling the cops to report loitering teenagers smoking pot out back of the Circle K probably doesn’t require a $4,000 suit of body armor.

Citizen Prime
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9) Capital City Super Squad

The Capital City Super Squad is a volunteer organization using superhero identities to inspire and help the people living, working and visiting Washington DC. The Capital City Super Squad engages in civic activities in the guise of superheroes to help the people of Washington through safety patrols, community events, fundraisers and other activities. At this current time they have seven active members; Captain Prospect, team leader, Nice Ninja, Spark, Siren, Justice, DC Guardian and The Puzzler. They are a part of what some call a movement of Real Life Superheroes around the world. The team is always looking for community events where they can help and for new members to the team with the shared goal of improving their community and inspiring others. You can join the squad by emailing [email protected]

capital city super sqaud

10) Entomo

Entomo is the insect man, a crimefighting detective who seeks to protect the people of Naples as well as the environment. He claims to be the sum of all the powerful, silent and venomous small creatures inhabiting this world. He is also a synthesis, the human-like swansong of millions of races. He employs his my faculties in saving what is left to save and destroying what doesn't fit in the bigger scheme of equilibrium. He stands for the biggest conundrum of the known universe: balance between enthalpy and entropy.

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