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The award for mum and dad of the year go to...


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1) Gaffa tape holdall

Its definitely a cheap solution.

baby holder

2) Pole dancing

There's some things baby's just shouldn't see.

pole dancing

3) Dangling child

"Get me closer daddy..."

dangling baby

4) Baby in cage

If they misbehave lock them in a small cage... that will teach them a lesson!

baby in cage

5) Baby carrier

If you cant afford a pram this is a good alternative.

baby cart

6) Feeding

If your to tired to get up to feed your baby simply use a foot!

baby feeding

7) Just stick them in the boot

8) Smoking weed

There never to young to start.

baby smooking weed

9) Smoking and drinking

Beware smoking stunts growth!

smoking and drinking baby

10) Plastic bag

Remember to keep plastic bags away from children... Well isn't it obvious?

plastic bag on babys head
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