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Dragon's Den is now completed in it's 7th series. In the show entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and inventions to the pannel of 5 Dragon's who are venture capitalists. There is one rule in the den- the entrepreneur must obtain all the cash they are pitching for in order for the invest to stand. Dragon's to date include Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, Simon Woodroffe, Theo Apahitis, Rachel Elnaugh, Deborah Meaden, Doug Richard, Richard Farleigh and James Caan.


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1) Duncan Bannatyne

Bannatyne's business interests include health clubs, hotels, media, television, stage school, property and transport. Bannatyne is a self made man and intrestingly started his career of as an ice cream man. to date he is worth £320 million.

duncan bannatyne
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2) Doug Richard

Richard is based in the UK but origionaly from California. Richard made his fortune from the three companies he formed and then went on to sell- Visual Software, ITAL Computers and Micrografx.

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3) James Caan

Caan always had ambitions of owning his own business from an early age, leaving school at 16. Caan made his millions setting up his own recruitment business from a small office the size of a shoe box in Pall Mall. Today Caan has a net worth of £70 million.

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4) Deborah Meaden

Meaden made her money from her family business of leisure parks. She bought all other family members out to solely own the leisure park before selling it some years to make her fortune. She has a net worth of £40 million.

Deborah Meaden
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5) Peter Jones

Jones has interests in mobile telecommunications, television, media, lesisure and property. He has appeared in all 6 series of Dragon's Den and has started up his own version of the show "American Inventor". Jones has a net worth of £157 million.

peter jones
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6) Rachel Elnaugh

Elnaugh made her fortune through her Red Letter day business. These were unusual and exotic gift experiences such as driving a racing car for the day or driving a tank. The companies turnover reached £17.5 million. Elnaugh left the show in series 2 after having differences with the other Dragons.


7) Theo Paphitis

Paphitis origionaly from Cyprus is ranked 581 in the 2008 Sunday Times Rich list with a net worth of £163 million. He has owned a number of famous high street brands such as La Senza and Rymans the stationers. Paphitis is also a big football fan as he is the chairman of Milwall football club after taking it out of administration.

Theo Paphitis

8) Richard Farleigh

Farleigh is an Australian investor. He is in the top 200 wealthiest Australions with a net worth of £50 million. This was enough to rank Farleigh 876th in the Sunday Times Rich List 2006. Farleigh appeared in the show for series 3 and 4 were it was rumoured he was replaced by James Caan as the shows producers wanted a Dragon from an ethnic minority.

richard farleigh

9) Simon Woodroffe

Woodroffe only appearing in the first series of Dragon's Den makes him the Dragon with least experience. Woodroffe made his fortune by forming Yo! Sushi in 1997. He sold a large percetage of his stake in 2003 for £10 million and retains a 22% stake which he still holds today. His latest interprocess consists of a number of hotels under the Yo!Hotel name.

simon woodroffe
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