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This is the most comprehensive collection of "what to do when you are bored" ideas on the internet. If you are sitting there with absolutely nothing to do, this is the place that will cure your boredom. I have often sat on my desk chair in the evening with nothing on television, no messages in my inbox and no-one home. It sucks! We want to create the best ever cures for boredom in this poll! Whether its something as simple as making paper aeroplanes or writing a graphic novel, we want to hear them! Upload your favourite past times for when you are so bored you just have no idea what to do with yourself!


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1) Browse WhatPoll?

Obviously the best and most entertaining option to cure boredom! ;-)

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2) Make a Mentos / Diet Coke Rocket

This should definitely be done in an outside location, with nothing valuable or delicate in the surrounding area.

mentos diet coke

3) Doodle

Dig that notepad and pen out and let your hand run wild.


4) Make your ultimate milkshake!

Get that blender out of the kitchen cupboard and put it to good use! Whatever your favourite flavour, whether it be strawberry, banana, chocolate, or vanilla, gather an enormous amount of ingredients and shove them all in. Personal recommendations; 1) Ben & Jerry's Vanilla ice cream, 2) Marshmellows, 3) Cadbury's Dairy Milk, 4) Hundreds and Thousands, and 5) Some authentic Jersey cream milk!

milkshake what to do when bored

5) Make a Bucket List

What do you want to do before you die.... See the Egyptian pyramids? See a tornado? Fly a plane? Meet the Queen? Write down the 25 most important things you want to do in a list and make sure you do them!

bucket list what to do when bored

6) Make a Malteser hover in the air

Get a Malteser, lay flat on your back on the floor in a comfortable position, place the malteser on your lips, take a deep breath and blow as hard as you can in a narrow stream of air. Yes it really does work!

malteser hover what to do when bored

7) Get a slinky record!

Similar to the movie Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, grab a slinky and head off to the largest flight of stairs that exists close to where you are now. This could be the entrance to a library or the stairs in front of the Sacre-Couer! What's the longest amount of time you can get?

slinky what to do when bored

8) Fox News Drinking Game

Stick Fox News on the TV, break open that bottle of Jack Daniels you had sitting on the shelf, pour yourself a glass, and then take a sip every time the word "Republican" is mentioned. You will be singing in no time!

fox news what to do when bored

9) Watch TV for one hour, but.............

Try and watch at least one hour of television without seeing one commercial for car insurance. I'm not sure this is possible!

television what to do when bored

10) Call someone random

Open up the phonebook on your mobile phone, randomly scroll down with your eyes closed and then stop. Whoever has been highlighted you have to call them now, whether it be a long lost relative or your best friend!

mobile what to do when bored

11) Make a desert island playlist on your iPod

If you were banished to a desert island for the rest of your life, and given an iPod with just ten songs uploaded, what would they be?

ipod what to do when bored

12) Play on your Mega Drive

Go up to your attic, dusty off that old box and bring your Mega Drive (Genesis in the U.S.) back down to the living room and play old classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter 2!

mega drive what to do when bored

13) Make the hottest curry you have ever had!

For this exercise you will need: x1 box of kleenex, and x1 packet of Imodium. Good luck.

curry what to do when bored

14) Eat 5 Fruit and Veg a day

Has anyone actually done this? I heard you only had to eat 2 bits of fruit and veg a day in Scotland. Maybe I should move.....

fruit bowl what to do when bored

15) Find some unloved comics

Get down to your local charity shops and sift through the old comics they have, you never know, you may stumble across Amazing Fantasy #15, or Action Comics #1! People give away things they just don't realise the value of.

oxfam what to do when bored

16) Join Greenpeace

You might even save the world in the process. If you're lucky.

greenpeace what to do when bored
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17) Can you name every U.S. state?

Grab a pen and paper, get off Wikipedia, and try to name every U.S. state that you can think of... yes there are 50, and no it doesn't have to be in alphabetical order.

us map what to do when bored

18) Make a complicated food order

Write a hideously complicated sandwich order for ten people, get everything down on several A4 pages, specifying every detail including sauces used, quantity of lettuce applied, bread types etc, then head on down to Subway at the lunch rush hour and hold everyone up in the queue as you place your order.

subway what to do when bored
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19) Scaletrix

If you have thrown your old one away, shame on you! Go down to your local toy store and pick up the latest Top Gear addition. If not, get it out and challenge your buddies to an endurance race!

scaletrix what to do when bored

20) Go busking

Put on an old coat and some scruffy jeans and find a spot on your local street corner. You don't even have to sing well to make money in this game.

busking what to do when bored
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21) Watch the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Get out your treasured trilogy dvd box set, and set aside around ten hours to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting. Yes - you are allowed bathroom breaks!

lord of the rings what to do when bored
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22) Spring clean

Its a dirty job but someone has to do it- surely now is the perfect time?

spring clean

23) Knit yourself a fine jumper

I'm talking old school style jumpers, like the one's you used to receive from your grandparents at Christmas.

lame jumper what to do when bored

24) Mow the lawn

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