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Its a different world down there in the deep blue sea! Have a look through some of these bizarre looking creatures we share our planet with and pick out the ones you think look the weirdest!


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Puffer fish are definitely weird, but kind of friendly looking at the same time.

By @francisfletcher (7563) - Prophet | 09.12.09

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1) Goblin Shark

This is one of the lesser known, and probably most unattractive species of the shark family. Had this creature featured in the original Jaws movie it surely would have made the film genuinely frightening. Overall not much is known about these mysterious beasts as they live below the level sunlight reaches in the ocean, and do not really interfere with human activity. Still, this image alone is enough to give you nightmares!

Goblin Shark

2) Giant Isopod

This truly weird looking deep sea creature can only be described as the imaginable consequence of a large alien cockroach mating with one of the monsters from a 1960s Godzilla movie. I certainly wouldn’t want that in my fish tank at home!

Giant Isopod

3) Humpback Anglerfish

This is a fish that likes to go fishing! The long “thing” sticking out above its mouth acts like a fishing rod, sitting on top of this is a light producing organ (known as a photophore) at the end which acts like a bait. It will wiggle this about to attract prey. When the prey eventually comes near, it will quickly eat them up with its huge mouth and transparent teeth. Wouldn’t win to many points at a beauty pageant though…..

Humpback Anglerfish

4) Fan Worms

Not your traditional earth worm, these guys conceal their “head” with a feathery type of branchiae, and feed off random bits of organic particles floating around in the water. Anyone for spaghetti?

fan worms

5) Leafy Sea Dragon

This plant like relation of the seahorse family can mainly be found off the south and west coasts of Australia. The camouflage it possesses is its greatest defence. This is especially important since it is a very slow mover and would have difficulty out swimming predators. It’s two fins are almost completely transparent, and the resulting motion moves the leafy creature in a very subtle manner, helping to complete the appearance of drifting seaweed.

Leafy Sea Dragon

6) Jellyfish

A very common sight in the world’s oceans, jellyfish are everywhere. They are truly alien in appearance, moving freely through the water with no face, eyes, or mouth. Most of them can give you one hell of a sting, so its best not to swim up and give one a big bear hug.


7) Astronesthes

It looks like this guy needs a new set of braces...!!


8) Pufferfish

This is a somewhat unique fish, it is slow moving, and therefore has developed two defence mechanisms to defend itself from prey. Its skin and certain internal organs are very toxic, and therefore harmful to humans. It also has the ability to expand extremely quickly by sucking in air or water, which usually startles its predators, and leaves enough time to slip away.

puffer fish

9) Deep Sea Glass Squid

Now this is defiantly a weird looking creature, and not something I personally would want to encounter when going for a leisurely swim. Lucky for you and me, this laser blue squid lurks within the deep sea, and its preferred diet is goblin sharks and whales.


10) Hairy-angler

All of those so called hairs lures it's prey very effectively. This is one fish that won't go hungry.

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11) Deep Sea Octopus

What do you think of this one ? Do you think he could star in a Walt Disney film ?

Deep Sea Octopus dumbo1-2
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12) Blobfish

This fella looks as if he has just starred in the Evolution movie.

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13) Lion Fish

Keep your distance from these guys, they are extremely venomous, victims will experience vomiting, trouble with breathing, headaches and extreme pain! Luckily they tend to keep their distance from humans, so do not pose a huge threat to ocean swimmers.

lion fish

14) Fangtooth

Imagine coming face to face with this chap.

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15) Jelly Fish

What a great oicture


16) Bathysaurus

This guy is found in the deepest parts of our oceans.

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17) Phronima - Pram Bug

This almost 100% transparent little guy is found in the deepest darkest depths of a mountain range in the Atlantic ocean. It has taken its near invisible form in an attempt to disappear into the ocean void, only parts of its inner workings are clearly visible.

Pram Bug

18) Viperfish

This character here could play a part in the next Alien movie.

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19) Black Dragonfish.png

The way that this critter catches it's prey is very similar to the Angling fish. This is another fish that lurks in the deepest parts of our oceans.

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