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Nothing says “Spring” better than these diverse, colourful, elegantly simple flowers. They are truly icons of the season. Although tulips are associated with Holland, both the flower and its name originated in the Persian empire. Between 1634 and 1637, the early enthusiasm for the new flowers triggered a speculative frenzy now known as 'tulip mania' and tulip bulbs were then considered a form of currency. Impossible to choose one - there are so many varieties and they are all so beautiful.


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1) Classical Parrot

2) Patchwork Field

3) Purple Delight

4) Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. 2007

5) Cultivated tulip - Floriade

6) The Lizard, 1903 - Very Rare

7) Roozengaarde tulip field, Skagit Valley

8) Mickey mouse tulip

9) Parrot

10) Blushing cheeks on a chilly morning.

11) Morning dew

12) Closed Cup

13) Perfect Lover

14) Infinity and Beyond

15) Acuminata, 1816 - Very Rare

16) Peony flowered tulip

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