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Loosing hair, for a lot of men, is an inevitable part of getting older, and most will let nature take its course and resign themselves to this fact. However, there are a handful of guys out there that take a different attitude and make the most of what they have, a “re-modelling” of what is left to try and gain that lush head of hair they once had. As a result, the comb over was born. I have picked out a selection here of some awesome comb overs, pick out your favourites and add some more if you can think of any!


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1) Japanese guy shows us how its done.

Surely the ultimate comb over?

comb over expert

2) Rudolph Giuliani

In his younger years.....

rudy giuliani

3) Bobby Charlton

Bobby's comb over is iconic.

bobby charlton

4) You'd hardly notice

5) Donald Trump

This one is more of a "comb forward".

Donald Trump

6) Alexander Lukashenko

The President of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko

7) Hayao Nakayama

Former President of SEGA Japan.

Hayao Nakayama

8) The Baldy Man

He loves it.

the baldy man

9) John McCain

I'm guessing his comb over just didn't appeal enough to potential voters.

John McCain

10) Poor Attempt

He just hasn't quite got the hang of it yet.

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