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The World Gurning Championships are believed to date back as far as 1267. The competition consists of competitors making grotesque faces. The winner of the the championship is the competitor who gets the loudest reaction from the onlookers. Clearly we do not have a live audience so vote for your favourite gurner.


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1) Gurning just for fun

2) Tommy Mattinson - The current Gurning World Champion

3) Lack of teeth is a big advantage

4) Guring reaches America...

5) Gordon Mattison

10 time World Gurning Championship winner.

gurning gordon

6) Arthus gurning

7) Gurning competitor

8) 1969 World Championship

Thumbs Up
Thumbs Down

9) 1985 World Championship

Thumbs Up
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10) Anne Woods, from Egremont.

11) Kath Taylor - The oldest gurner in town

12) A previous champion

13) Previous gurning champion

14) Dave

15) Debbie

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