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OK. So my parents are making me create this pole and will check it and which ever items get the highest votes, they will use. Also, she gave me a list of things I have to ask. Here's what happened...I am 16 and have two brothers. One of them, has incontinence problems. (wets himself) He wears diapers and I think that it's very funny. I have been blackmailing him for the last two years and made him do things like dress up as a girl, type my essay, shit himself, clean my room, do my chores, do my homework, and stuff. One time I locked him out of the house naked when my parents weren't home. If he doesn't do these things I will tell all of his friends that he is a big baby and a pussy and he shits himself. My parents found out and have decided that I will have a long term punishment that you get to pick. I also got caught stealing money from my parents and I slapped my mom the other day. She told me I had to include this. Ugh! Plz go easy on me!Plz!


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