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Home > Auto & Technology > Most Overloaded Vehicle?

A Poll showing a range of the most overloaded vehicles from around the world and remember there's always room for one more!


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1) Fares please

2) I had to sverve to avoid the cow

3) Giddy up

4) Recycling

5) Does this train have refreshment facilities?

6) School Bus

7) Hard Drive

8) I blame Health and Safety

9) Stop Thief

10) I'm sure I've forgotten something

11) When the air bag goes off

12) Ooops!

13) Impressive

8 must be a record?


14) I'll be picking you up in a minute

15) Has anyone seen granny recently?

16) Call the Pillow Police

17) Warning - Low Bridge

18) Hop Pockets

19) Family Vehicle?

family vehicle
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Down

20) Fill her up

21) Rear View Mirror

22) I like chicken

23) Do you think anyone will notice?

24) I warned you

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