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Fed up with traditional action figures such as Spider-Man, Batman and WWE wrestlers? Check out some of these slightly bizarre and intellectual action figures! They won't be a hit with kids, but definitely collectors....


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1) Sigmund Freud

20th Century Austrian neurologist.

sigmund freud

2) Adolf Hitler

Arguably the most infamous man in modern history.

Adolf Hitler action figure

3) Moses

Prophet and divider of seas.

moses action figure

4) Edgar Allen Poe

The legendary 19th Century American poet and writer.

edgar allen poe action figure

5) William Shakespeare

The best writer there ever was, even comes with removable quill pen and book!

william shakespeare action figure

Made by your pals at the "Jesus Christ Superstore". With machine gun.


7) Albert Einstein

One of the brightest men who ever lived.

albert einstein action figure

8) Johann Sebastian Bach

18th Century German composer.

sebastian bach action figure

9) Benjamin Franklin

One of the Founding Fathers of the United States, with his famous kite.

Benjamin franklin action figure

10) Carl Jung

20th Century Swiss psychiatrist.

carl jung

11) Jesus

The holy.

jesus action figure

12) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

18th Century composer.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

13) Charles Dickens

The legendary English novelist of the Victorian era, with quill.

charles dickens action figure

14) John Travolta

The star of Saturday Night Fever & Grease.

John Travolta action figure

15) Sherlock Holmes

The fictional 19th Century London detective.

sherlock holmes

16) Vanilla Ice

Ice Ice Baby.

vanilla ice action figure

17) John McCain

The loser of the 08/09 presidential race.

John McCain action figure

18) Gay Bob

Gay Bob was a doll created in 1977. It was billed as the world's first openly gay doll. Bob stands 13 inches tall and came wearing a flannel shirt, tight jeans and cowboy boots. He had one ear pierced. Bob's box was shaped like a closet and included a catalog from which consumers could order additional outfits. Creator Rosenberg described the doll as resembling a cross between Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Bob is anatomically correct.

gay bob

19) Seth Godin

Marketing guru and founder of Squidoo.com


20) Barack Obama

Incumbent U.S. president with pointing finger.

barack obama action figure
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