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I think the below dog owners either have to much money or to much time on their hands. Most people love their dogs if they have a heart, but I kind of think this is kind of going a bit to far, after all, there are a lot of people out there with worse houses than some of these!


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I'm liking the Austrian style house thats cool!

By @francisfletcher (7561) - Prophet | 09.12.09

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1) Ultimate doggie luxury.....

This modern style dog house set a Gloucestershire surgeon back £250,000 for her two beloved Great Danes. Main features of the property include temperature controlled beds, automatic dispensers of chilled and filtered water, air-conditioning, a spa, a 52 inch plasma TV, and a retina scanner installed at the front door to stop any other dogs getting in.

luxurious dog house2

2) Paris Hilton's Dog House

Not for Paris Hilton herself, but set in the grounds of her Beverley Hills home for her beloved pets. This 300 square foot dog house cost the Hilton family a tidy $325,000. It features faux designer doggie products from designers such as" "Jimmy Chew", "Pawda", and "Chewy Vuitton".

paris hilton dog house

3) Detatched Single Bedroom

This one comes with a built in LCD television.

luxurious dog house
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4) Mini Mansion

"Jeeves, could you fetch my Bentley?"

la-petite-maison dog house

5) 2 storey detatched house

Its good for Christmas, when you have extra relatives over you can just shove them in here.

lovely dog house
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6) Southwestern style Doggie House

"Grrr.....who put these bricks in front of my doorway? Damn kids."


7) Dusty's cottage

It was hard work getting on the property ladder, so as you can imagine Dusty is one happy chap in this detached cottage set in a rural location. Not bad for a first buy I must say.

dusty dog house

8) Stuttgart Dog House

"Come on in, we have a lot of business and politics to discuss in the brandy room."

Stuttgart dog House

9) Humble Home

"How long do I have to sit here for?"

humble dog house
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