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Most of us who like to have a few drinks at the weekend will be familiar with the Saturday or Sunday morning headaches, nausea sensations and generally feeling like crap. While the night before may have been great fun, the morning after is not so great, and surviving it so your entire day is not ruined can be quite difficult. Rate up which hangover cure works the best for you, or add some more if you know of some other great hangover remedies……


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I'm more of a fan of orange juice, that normally does the trick for me!

By pearshaped (1583) - Prophet | 20.11.09

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Eating a full English breakfast is more satisfying when you are hungover some how!

By topquack (5010) - Prophet | 20.11.09

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Ultimately this is probably the best hangover cure, not necessarily in terms of making you feel instantly better, but the most important ingredient that can get your body back into shape. One of the reasons you feel so bad when hung over is that you are essentially dehydrated, and water is the obvious solution to resolving that issue!

glass of water cure

Sleeping while drunk is not getting a good nights sleep, rather than going through the natural processes your mind is supposed to complete in order to revitalise your body, it is spending the whole time fighting off the poison you have thrown into it. Having an afternoon nap the day after a night out can be a great way to change this.

sleep cure

3) Full English Breakfast

I think stodgy food like this is great for hangovers, it makes you feel a lot better pretty quickly, plus the high calorie intake gives you a bit more energy. In addition, meats generally contain amino acids, which help the body to purge out the toxins that you have burdened it with.

full english breakfast hangover

4) Orange Juice

Alcohol depletes your body’s supply of Vitamin A, B, and C. Having a glass of fruit juice is a great way to restore these lost vitamins, and make you feel a bit perkier in the process.

orange juice cure

5) Nurofen

Taking painkillers such as nurofen or paracetamol seems like a simple and easy solution to curing that banging headache, but remember, your liver will be put into overdrive at this point as it now has the task of fighting off the chemicals in the tablets as well as all of the alcohol!

nurofen cure

6) Caffeine

Caffeine can be a great pick me up, and instant relief for the short term In the long term though this will probably had a worse effect as caffeine will add to the problem of dehydration in your body, and will quite possible make you feel worse an hour or so later.

starbucks coffee cure

7) A hot bath

Having a nice long soak in the tub can be great for purging your system of alcohol, the heat from the water will help to sweat out all of the toxins that are floating around in your body and skin.

soaking in bath cure

I’m not sure this cure will work for everyone, as sometimes the milk can curdle in your stomach with the alcohol and make you feel instantly sick. But otherwise a glass of milk can be a great way to feel better, as it replaces lost nutrients the body used up in order to fight the alcohol.

glass of milk cure

9) The Prairie Oyster

INGREDIENTS: 1 whole raw egg, 1 dash Worcestershire sauce, salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. PREPARATION: Carefully crack the egg into a glass without breaking the yolk. Season with sauce, salt and pepper. ADMINISTRATION: Swallow the drink in one gulp - the object is to get the yolk down without breaking it.


10) Re-hydration sachet

When you are hung over you are dehydrated, so you need to re-hydrate yourself. If you are not a fan of water, these re-hydration sachets are a great way to make yourself feel better pretty quickly. But be warned, they taste horrible, so make sure you are not feeling sick at the time as this will probably make you want to throw up.

rehydration sachet cure

11) Cheese

This seems like a fairly random choice, but it actually worked for me this morning after a few to many drinks last night. The cheese is pretty stodgy and helps to soak up any unwanted fluids in your stomach and begins to settle it.

cheese cure
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