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When your times comes how will you want to be remembered, perhaps with the help of a novelty coffin? Novelty coffin's can be in and shape, size or colour. Which one would you choose?


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Lol the Kiss one is hilarious, Gene Simmons is a massive sell out.

By @mrdelanes (1528) - Prophet | 07.03.10

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1) Coca Cola bottle

Unusual coffins in Ghana have been a tradition for years, not to mention this coca cola bottle!

coke bottle
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2) Laplander's sled

One final expedition into a new life...


3) Kite

Ivan Fox: "We come into this life attached by a cord, and we fly up to heaven, attached by a cord."


4) Cork

Fancy a drink?


5) Skip

Thrown out with the rubbish!


6) Canal Boat

Sailing your way to heaven.

canal boat

7) Louis Vuitton bag

Go out in style with this Louis Vuitton embroidered bag style coffin.

louis vuitton coffin

8) Vintage car

This vintage car coffin could possibly be driving heaven?

driving heaven

9) Official Kiss Merchandise Coffin

Another one of Gene Simmons's fine products on offer.......

kiss coffin

10) Ballet shoe

Have a passion for ballet? This particular coffin was made for a Mrs Pat Cox who was a music teacher.

ballet shoe coffin

11) Chicken

12) Shark

Jaws of death...


13) Guitar

If you have a passion for music...


14) Skateboard

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