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The paint jobs you see on commercial aircraft these days all seem to be the same, nothing exciting at all, and little to nourish the imagination. Usually the designs are just “plain white“, if you excuse the pun, and a little logo towards the front. Below is a collection of some wacky paint jobs, which upon boarding the aircraft, would certainly make your holiday or business trip that much more interesting next time you fly! Pick out your favourites!


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1) Squashed Santa

Poor old Santa, see this is what happens if you don't believe in him!

santa hit by plane

2) "Potty Plane"

I hope he remembers to flush.

potty aeroplane

3) D'oh!

"At Western Pacific we love The Simpsons so much we painted the plane the same colour as one. During take off we will be serving a round of Duff beer to go with your Krusty the clown life jacket and complimentary Ned Flanders sick bag."


4) Google Plane

"I'm feeling lucky."


5) Pokemon plane

I couldn't get on this plane early in the morning, to many bright colours!


6) Bird plane

This plane's source of fuel is birdseed.

bird plane

7) Alaskan Fish Plane

Right, all we need now is a hook and some bait and we got ourselves a free plane.

fish paint plane

8) The Pepsi Concord

"On our drinks menu today Sir..... Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max with Ice, Pepsi Max with Ice and Lemon........"

pepsi concord

9) "Sexy" Southwest

As you can imagine, this controversial choice of design proved to be quite the conversation starter for passengers joining the aircraft, especially those with younger children!

sexy plane job

10) NBA

Passengers are reminded to keep their "balls" fastened safely and securely.

nba plane paint
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