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It's no wonder some of these were banned from the App Store!


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Haha no way!

By igor (3303) - Prophet | 27.03.10

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Nothing wrong with iBoobs.

By martin (15146) - Prophet | 23.03.10

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1) iSnort

iSnort has never been available for download on the App Store for pretty obvious reasons, but it has become somewhat of a legend as like an "underground app", that has spread around out of the range of Apple's influence to shut it down. Their website where you can buy it at, theisnort.com, describes the app as follows.... " Be the envy of the in-crowd. Get ejected from nightclubs. Shock and amaze your so-called friends. Get oral sex from Z-list celebrities."

isnort iphone app

2) iBoobs

This was banned by Apple after receiving complaints from some of its users, although i think this was definitely the minority of people. Shame on them! There is nothing explicit about this, after all, they are covered up! The App managed to rake it quite a bit of money before it was pulled, somewhere in the region of $300k. Apple seem to be as conservative with the showing of flesh as 1920s Hollywood, wake up guys, you can see much worse on daytime T.V. :-)

iboobs iphone app

3) I Am Rich

To be fair, German developer Armin Henrich was on to something when he built this App. It cost $999.99, and did absolutely nothing, apart from display some random red shiny gem on the screen. The description on the App Store read "The red icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this. It's a work of art with no hidden function at all." Amazingly, eight people actually downloaded it before it was removed by Apple.

i am rich iphone app

4) Baby Shaker

In this App, the goal is to shake the baby until it shuts up and dies! Absolutely outrageous! I'm shocked this managed to get passed the App approval process, which is has a reputation for being very strict. It came with the following description on the App Store... On a plane, on the bus, in a theatre. Babies are everywhere you don't want them to be! They're always distracting you from preparing for that big presentation at work with their incessant crying. Before Baby Shaker, there was nothing you could do about it. See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!"

baby shaker iphone app

5) Me So Holy

This App allowed you to choose a religious figure, such as Jesus, and then upload a photo of your face onto it. Thereby "making yourself Jesus" and kind of taking the piss out of religion somewhat, or that's what Apple seemed to think anyway. After you have done that, you could then email it to someone or upload it to Facebook and share it with all your buddies. Needless to say, Apple didn't see eye to eye with the humour in this one and banned it.

me so holy iphone app

6) Slasher

Get a big picture of a sharp knife on your iPhone, shake it around, and listen to some Psycho style music for a few seconds. Creepy right? Well not really. i don't actually think this App is that controversial. I think Apple were a bit harsh to ban this one from the App Store, it's fairly limited it what it can do, and it doesn't allow you to do anything graphic like fake stab someone and watch loads of blood pour out. Now that would be something to complain about!

slasher iphone app

7) Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus allows you to read texts from hundreds of historical books and works of literature. It's actually pretty cool when you think about it as no matter where you are, whether on a plane, the underground, or hospital (where you can't get a signal) you always have something to read with this App! Why was it banned you asked? Simple. It contained text from the Kama Sutra, which Apple claimed was sexual and explicit content. Sometimes Apple's terms and conditions can be a bit draconian...

Eucalyptus iphone app

8) Booty Call

This App, developed by Bearded Pony, was rejected by Apple as offensive. The primary reason for this was because of short snippets of advice posted in the "handbook" section of the App. This included such gems as "Make sure you sleep over the first time, and then apply the 2 to 1 sleepover rule when developing a booty call relationship." and "The majority of the booty calls need to be at her place." This is just man 2 man advice though right?

booty call iphone app
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9) Obama Trampoline

This App was banned from the App Store as it was deemed to be inappropriate. I don't really see a big problem with it, it's not massively offensive, as all you do is select a politician, and then jump up and down on a trampoline in the Oval Office. The developer, Swamiware were adamant their product was not an issue, and eventually managed to get it back onto the App Store, albeit with the introduction of paper bags over every politicians head. Lame.

obama trampoline

10) Freedom Time

Fearing political unrest, Apple decided to remove this application from the App Store as it was anti-Republican, even though Steve Jobs is somewhat of a Democrat himself. All the App did was present a simple countdown clock to the user, for when George W. Bush would officially have to leave the Oval Office. What's all the fuss about!? Journalists say much worse in newspapers and on T.V. !

freedom time iphone app
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