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Home > Health & Lifestyle > Funniest Church Sign?

The Clergy decide it's time to start using some more direct messages...


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1) Oh God

"Staying in bed shouting OH GOD does not constitute going to church!"

oh god

2) What is missing from CH CH?


what is missing from church

3) You most powerful position is on?

You knees.

powerful postion is on your knees

4) Bring your sin to the alter...

and dropit like its hot!

dropit at the alter

5) Read the Bible...

it will scare the HELL out of you!

read the bible it will scare the hell out of you

6) Free coffee...

Yes membership has its privileges.

free coffee

7) Come look at our asses!

8) A loose tongue...

often gets into a tight place!

loose tongue

9) Jesus said bring me that ass

10) Sign broke - message inside

11) You give God the credit...

now give God the cash!

give god credit cash

12) Jesus is the rizzle for the sizzle

13) There's no air conditioning in hell either!

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