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In the last 10 years 219 deaths have occurred worldwide as a result of bird strikes, from a total of close to one billion flights! Damage is estimated at 550,000 hours of aircraft down time/year which equates to an annual cost of $625 million. Aircraft engines and windshields are tested where dead chickens are fired from a cannon at varying weights and speeds.


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1) US Air

2) T-44A with Turkey Legs

3) F-16C Falcon fighter jet

4) Anti Birdstrike System

5) An accident waiting to happen

6) Blackhawk

7) I didn't know they could fly!

8) Scary

9) Serious Damage

10) 757 During takeoff

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11) Wing Damage

12) Close call

13) Twin Jet

14) Nose Job

15) Unravelled

16) JT8D Jet engine

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