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With the credit crunch taking an ever greater grip this is forcing more and more people into signing on and claiming benefits. If this scenario seems familiar and you want to make some extra cash but do not know how then here are some suggestions.....


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1) Clamp cars

Start your own clamping company. Simply buy a few clamps from your local D.I.Y store, print some tickets of off your computer and buy a pay and go sim card. Then your ready to go. Head into your local town and start clamping all cars that are illegally parked or do not have a parking ticket. Leave your printed ticket on their windscreen and wait for them to call you asking for the release of their car. Typical clamper's charge £95 per time.


2) Sell pirated DVD's

Simply download and copy pirated DVD's on your home PC and sell them. Typically you can charge £5 each copy and it costs you next to nothing apart from the cost of a DVD. For pre released films you may even be able to charge more.

pirated dvds

3) Theft

Steal various goods and them sell them on. Ebay is a good way to find buyers and get the best price for your items.


4) Prostitution

Sell your body for money.


5) Sell drugs

A quick an easy way to make money. Simply buy a relatively large amount of drugs, say an ounce. Then mix it with another substance to increase the quantity and then cut it up into grams. You will then be able to sell these grams for a tidy profit.


6) Set up a casino in your home

Set up a small casino in your home. Invite friends and word will soon spread to others. You can buy simple casino sets from most toy stores. Remember the house always wins!

home gambling

7) Cash in hand work

Ask friends if they need any work doing. Perhaps knock on neighbours doors seeing if they want any work done in their garden.


8) Sell duty free cigarettes

Simply find a cheap flight to a country which sells duty free cigarettes, for example Spain or Switzerland. Fill your suitcase with as many as you possibly can and fly home. If stopped in customs claim they are for personal use and you are a heavy chain smoker. Once home you can sell them for a nice tidy profit. As a bonus you also get a nice weekend break abroad!


9) Clean out the loft

Have a clear out of your loft and sell all unused items.

clear out

10) testtttt


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