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From the early 1930s, cartoon-style saucy postcards became widespread, and at the peak of their popularity the sale of saucy postcards reached a massive 16 million a year. They were often bawdy in nature, making use of innuendo and double entendres and traditionally featured stereotypical characters such as vicars, large ladies and put-upon husbands, in the same vein as the Carry On films.


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1) If you look

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2) I get no rest

3) Don't Apologise

4) You're not a true gentleman

5) Ginger Nuts!

6) Fancy being jealous

7) Don't be awkward

8) I went to a party

9) What did Eve say

10) He's always been the same

11) I'm doing my best

12) How b..... stupid

13) She just lies in the sun

14) And some of that

15) Now - Be fair Missus

16) Gladys - That's not

17) That isn't what I meant

18) Won't be long

19) Well, nurse

20) Little Willie

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