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A mug shot is a photograph of the arrested party with the purpose of the police so they have a photographic record of the individual for identification purposes.


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1) Udderly insane arrest!

Arrested under charges of drunk and disordely- chasing children and stopping traffic in her local town. Unfortunatly for Allen she was wearing a cow fancy dress costume at the time of her arrest.


2) Anna Clifford - A hair raising arrest!

Clifford was arrested for erratic driving whist celebrating her birthday. The Memphis police departyment found the sun roof to be open to allow room for Cliffords 14inch mohican!

anna mug shot

3) Robert Morin, 39

Morin wanted for charges of domestic assult. If you have this seen man please inform the police. How can you forget a face like that!

robert mug shot

4) A golden picture!

Patrick Tribett was arrested in an Ohio general store as he tried to make a purchase. He'd been sniffing paint and was subsequently after a refill.

gold face

5) Bill Gates

Gates, the richest man in the world was arrested back in 1977 in New Mexico due to a traffic violation.


6) Michael Campbell

Both mugshots are of Campbell, the left taken back in 2003 and the right in 2008. Any guesses were he spent the 5 year period from 2003 onwards?

michael mug shot

7) Elijah Payne

Clearly a "Payne" to the public! Payne was arresteted and subsequently charged for assult with a weapon, kidnapping and then proceeding to fire into an occupied property!

elijah mug shot

8) Matthew Gibeault

Gibeault arrested for charges against drugs in Idaho.

matthew mug shot

9) Adam Ballingall

Ballingall was clearly in appropriate dress when he was arrested for charges against drugs. He was arrested whilst found urinating in a car park, when searched he was found to have cocaine.

bigball mug shot

10) Joker stopped!

Spencer Taylor, 20 from Michigan. Taylor was arrested for allegidly stealing Batman posters and other such items from a theatre whilst watching "The Dark Knight"- as you can see suitably in costume.

joker mug shot

11) Travis Stone - drink driving

Stone was arrested for drink drving, after crashing his Mercedes into a wall in Las Vegas, returning home from a haloween party.

silver mug shot las vegas

12) Peter Abramczyk

Abramczyk from Connecticut aged 39 was arrested by Police as part of an undercover operation against prostitution. Police were allerted to Abramczyk due to an ad on Craiglist.com offering his services describing his as a "passable crossdresser who enjoyed wearing short skirts and shiney Hooter girl pantyhose, thongs, and heels". Abramczyk was realed for a bail sumb of $500.

peter crossdresser cragslist

13) Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was arrested in 1938 in Bergen County, New Jersey for having sexual intercourse with a woman under the promise of marriage, (which was unlawful at the time). However the charges were later dropped when the lady involved turned out to be already married.

frank sinatra mug hot

14) Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was arrested June 27, 1995 for his solicitation of Divine Brown's oral services. This is his mugshot taken that date. Ironically, the arrest boosted both Grant's and Brown's careers.


15) Rosa Vazquez

Vazquez was arrested by police for criminal mischief and battery, looking thoroughly impressed in her mug shot!

rosa-judith-vazquez mug shot
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