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Most of us out there who have been to a theme park love going fast on roller coaster rides and getting splashed on water flumes. But there are some people out there that just don’t want to wait till their next thrill or pay for the experience, so they just make their very own ride next to their house. Check out some of these awesome creations…..


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Oklahoma Land Run is awesome, that's theme park quality!

By martin (15146) - Prophet | 08.12.09

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1) Blue Flash

One day a chap from Indiana named John Ivers got fed up with waiting in long lines at amusement parks to go on a ride, so he decided to build his very own roller coaster in his back yard called “The Blue Flash”. This ride features a full 360 degree loop, (but with no overhead restraint), and a 20ft lift hill with custom made motorised chain.

blue flash

2) Oklahoma Land Run

Now this is an impressive bit of work! Oklahoman engineering student Jeremy Reid built this 20mph wooden roller coaster in his backyard for around $10,000. The track is 444 feet long, will take you up to a positive g-force of 3.5, and lasts for about one minute.


3) Human Slingshot

All I can say here is, when building this type of ride, you definitely want to make sure everything is secured properly otherwise the rider is going to be thrown very quickly into a patch of trees!

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4) Blue Too

“Blue Too”, is the sequel to John Iver’s successful “Blue Flash”. This ride however does not go upside down, but instead has an actual train, as oppose to an old van seat. It is free to ride, so if you are in the neighbourhood maybe you could drop by?

blue too

5) Backyard Log flume

Top marks here for the effort gone into achieving amusement park authenticity with the queuing system, height check, and cheeky water gun at the bottom of the flume.

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6) Ron’s Slip and Slide Extravaganza

This is what happened one week when a kid called Ron decided to build a 60ft waterslide down the side of his house when his parents were out of town. Genius.

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7) Redneck Car Ride

Not your usual run of the mill roller coaster. This ride is different every time, and has varying modes of speed, depending upon how hard the driver puts his foot down on the brake. Not for the faint hearted.

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8) 40ft water slide

This ride is perfect for a hot summers day, climb to the top of the 40ft high slide for a nice cool breeze and them plummet down into a nice cold pool of water.

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