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Golf is generally regarded as a conservative, quiet sport for conservative, quiet players. But when John (Grip it and Rip it) Daly shows up in apparel from Loudmouth Golf, spectators look twice. Loudmouth Golf are a California based producer of kaleidoscopic golf wear.


Comments (3)

We love the Loudmouth pants but feel John would look a whole lot better if he added a L.O.F.T. GOLF shirt!

By @loft_golf (0) - As Good As New | 29.12.09

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Since Payne Stewart (God Rest His Soul) left the game of golf, no one has dared to show their "colors", until JD stepped up to bat, so to speak. Now, JD, know that you are not only a fashion statement on the golf course, you're the one everyone will be keeping an eye on. Show 'em what ya got, you've been holding back long enough. 2010 is your year! Laine/withrowgirl

By @withrowgirl (2) - Rookie | 28.12.09

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This guy brings a whole new meaning to the term "fashion statement" - when he's around, there's never any doubt that sport's intended to be entertainment!!

By aislinn o'connor (2) - Rookie | 27.12.09

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